We specialise in Onsite Wastewater Management - giving you a one-stop-shop.

Brody, Josh and Hugh will design, supply, install and service your onsite water management systems.


As a licenced plumber with many years of experience installing septic systems, B.Y. Plumbing Gippsland assists customers with the Shire Septic Permit Application process. We work with customers through the entire installation process.

LATEST NEWS: The new FujiClean ACE1200 system is suitable for domestic and commercial sites. It has an 8-person capacity.


We love our natural environment and choose FujiClean as it has advanced cleaning and energy conservation technology. It helps protect our South Gippsland waterways and coastal environment.


It is a secondary wastewater treatment system that treats water to a higher recycle standard, with no noise or odour. 


The system has a low profile and small above ground footprint, it is visually appealing.

​Featured Product:

Fujiclean septic tanks

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Polymaster Product Range

About Us

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About B.Y. Plumbing Gippsland


B.Y. Plumbing Gippsland is a locally owned business based in Foster central to servicing all of the Gippsland area.

We can provide:

  • Supply of Wastewater Treatment Plants and Septic Tanks,

  • An experienced, licenced plumber, 

  • Insurance Reports.

Domestic and commercial applications available.


FujiClean, Polymaster and Bushmans galvanised steel tank Product Range Delivery and Installation Available for your convenience.

A large range of above and below ground rainwater tanks available.

Round Tanks ranging from 500L to 50,000L. 

Slimline Tanks ranging from 1000L to 5000L. Builders Packages Available to reach new home 6-star rating.


General Plumbing, Water supply, Roofing, Stormwater, Drainage and qualified gasfitter.

We specialise in Onsite Wastewater Management, giving you a one-stop-shop to design, supply, install and service your onsite water management systems.